the first lesson is about HTML Text


Our first lesson will be about text codes and their effects. We will explain how to enrich your site with text coes . Enjoy the lesson and don't forget to tell us your impression about this essay and about the our website.
 At This page you will find various HTML text codes - HTML codes for text effects. There are hundreds, or even thousands, of different effects combinations that you can apply to text with HTML. These range from simple effects like changing the color, to more advanced effects such as falling text and scrolling text. There is also HTML code for making text boxes, scroll boxes, comment boxes, and more.

Basic Text Formatting

Small font
Large font
Colored font
Bold font
Italic font and more...

CSS Text Formatting

CSS text


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  1. HTML Tutorial
  2. HTML Codes
  3. HTML Examples
  4. and much more!
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Scrolling Text

HTML Scrolling Text!

Text Boxes

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    HTML Entities


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