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java scripts lessons

Unless you don't know a lot about programming and scripting , you will be confused because it is different from using HTML  codes . I advise you to spend some time to cover information about it .  follow our lessons to learn more about programming and scripting. To begin book mark this tutorial to help you in your study.

Java script simply is a scripting language that enables web developers and designers to build more functional and interactive websites.
There are many effective common uses of java scripts for example:
  • Alert messages
  • Popup windows
  • Dynamic dropdown menus
  • Form validation
  • Displaying date/time
Java scripts : depend on the browser not the client, mainly it loads directly on the browses sides, so you may need to refresh the page to run the script again .
To create a java script you need some tools mainly to have a computer , editors as ( text editor, web browser as firefox or internet explorer, and enabled java script on your browser)
Our lesson ended , the next lesson will explain how to enable/ disable java script on your browser. Bye for now .

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